Over the years D.S. Wilson has played and released music in various genres including rock, pop and blues, but today is laser-focused on combining his past with his present and bringing forth a wonderful evolution to the smooth jazz realm.  He started playing in rock bands in the '80s and didn't stop until well into the new millennium.  In between then and now he won the North Carolina Battle of the Bands and worked with Grammy-nominated producer John Custer on his band, Dolo's, self-titled album in the late '90s.  It wasn't until after Dolo dissolved that D.S. Wilson decided to try his hand at being a solo artist.

Armed with years of the piano and saxophone under his belt, leaning towards smooth jazz with his 2018 release, Stella Rose, was a natural progression.  It comes a decade after his first solo soft rock record, Save Me.  For his 2018 release, D.S. Wilson went above and beyond what he even expected of himself. Stella Rose presents an array of arrangements and compositions that capture not only the spirit of jazz in all its glory but also what D.S. Wilson is capable of as an artist and producer with some three decades of experience to his name.


D.S. Wilson

Composer / Performer / Producer / Recording Artist


  • Jazz

  • Blues

  • Rock

  • Pop

  • Instrumental


  • Saxophone

  • Piano / Keyboards

  • Guitar

  • Clarinet

  • Vocals

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